Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: “It’s Time For peaceful Civil Disobedience!”



Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: “It’s Time For peaceful Civil Disobedience!”

01.10.2021 |

For Robert F. Kennedy Jr. there is no longer any doubt that the Covid vaccine is not about health, but about control. In contrast to his previous style, in this recent speech from Aug. 23, 2021, he specifically calls on every viewer to peacefully and kindly show resistance, break the silence and take a stand. In view of the danger of the total loss of all freedom facing mankind, everyone must express rejection and disafirm this path. But listen to him yourself, and everyone will be able to perceive what his own heart advises him to do. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. I am Robert F Kennedy, Jr., and I’m very happy to be back with all of you and have the opportunity to address all of my friends in Berlin and activists and freedom lovers all across Europe. Today is August 23rd, and I wanna start by talking about a couple of studies that have come out recently that we all should be aware of. One of them, probably the most important is MERCK’s clinical, Pfizer’s clinical trial, for its Covid-19 vaccine. And we now have six months of data that Pfizer was required to file with FDA, and to show to the public. And what anybody who can read can see from that data is the very, very striking confession that there is no all cause mortality benefit from this vaccine. And what that means is that the people who took the vaccine more of them died than the people who took the placebo. And if you go into the granular or analysis of the vaccine, what it shows is that the vaccine does prevent a small number of deaths from Covid 19. But for everybody who’s life was saved from Covid 19, for every life that was saved by the vaccine from covid 19, three people died from heart attacks. In the vaccine group there were 20 deaths, and in the placebo group there were 14 deaths. What that indicates is that there may be certain people who would wanna take this vaccine in certain comorbidities and age groups, but it would be utterly immoral for any government or any business to mandate this vaccine for any human being who was reluctant to take it.

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