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05-10-21 11:53:00,

candlelight says:


Oh, don’t mind me….

It’s just these dastardly instances when an interesting and well written post gets its wings (or an ear) clipped just by virtue of the number of words employed by the writer who has diligently and singularly expressed their thoughts and views, perhaps so overwhelmingly, that the writer temporarily excludes – or fails to keep – one extraneous, albeit, annoying, fact in mind, that of the highly disruptive “500 words or less per post” rule.

At times, I sense there may be bias on the part of the moderator. That not all posts are treated alike. That is, there seem to be, here and there, some rather long, rambling posts that go unmolested. As if the “500” rule, as it were, was nothing other than a subtle, under-the-radar, form of censorship.

Though, perhaps I’m wrong. Perhaps there are posts that seem long and rambling, yet are in actuality, 500 words or under. I don’t know, I never have counted these questionable, yet unadjudicated, posts.

For your post – because I did sense a sudden and immediate feeling of procecutorial censorship and bias – I did do a brief word count.

I do not know how accurate I was being, because some of the hyphenated words I counted as one; and others, perhaps as two. It’s hard to remember now how many of each were treated in one or the other way.

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