Interview 1666 – James Corbett on Research, China and the Media


10-10-21 01:18:00,

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via The Unregistered Podcast: The dean of independent investigative journalism, James Corbett of the Corbett Report, returned to the show to talk about the alliances between western elites and the Chinese Communist Party, and his upcoming course at Renegade University on the history of the mass media.

**Unfortunately, The Unregistered Podcast has so far only posted this video to their YouTube channel. I will not embed a YouTube video here for obvious reasons, but the video is not particularly interesting unless you need to watch people’s mouths moving while listening to their speech. If you really insist on that, you can watch the video on the anti-free speech, pro-censorship GooTube platform if you must.

The Unregistered Podcast

James Corbett teaches “Mass Media: A History” for Renegade University (Corbett Report subscribers: please see the latest newsletter for a discount on this course)

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