Misleading data on



Misleading data on “pandemic of the unvaccinated”

11.10.2021 | www.kla.tv/20160

German national media, Deutschlandfunk broadcasted this morning – I quote: “German Health Minister Spahn considers vaccination status query: Spahn said on ARD television that he was still torn about whether to change the law for this purpose. He said he is leaning more and more towards a solution, under which employers would be allowed – at least for a few months – to ask their employees if they have been vaccinated against Covid-19.” Almost daily, new restrictive measures against the unvaccinated are threatened, undermining the law that has been in place up to now. Why is this? They are a danger to society, as the incidence figures clearly prove according to the BR. The BR quotes the Bavarian Minister of Health Holetschek on August 2nd” – I qoute: “The numbers prove: Pandemic of the unvaccinated”. Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland (German Editors network) also writes on August 27th: “Schleswig-Holstein shows incidences for vaccinated and unvaccinated separately – the trend is clear.” But how clear is the trend really? Austrian biologist and author Clemens G. Arvay has a simple explanation for the apparently strongly increasing cases among the unvaccinated: “With the inflammatory slogan “pandemic of the unvaccinated” the division of society is being promoted, the hostility towards people who are reluctant to vaccinate for mostly well-considered reasons is gaining new momentum through such irresponsible statements. This is very worrying, especially since the curve that is currently being presented in Austria as a new propaganda tool is false. What can be seen is an increase in the number of infections among the non-vaccinated and a much flatter infection trend among the vaccinated. These data are inadequate and it is hard to believe how flawed the data material is that is still being used in the media and by politicians. It is completely disregarded that due to the 3-G rule, non-vaccinated persons have to be tested practically continuously even without any cause. Many perform at least one antigen test every day or every 48 hours in order to be able to perform everyday activities at all. In contrast, there was no mandatory testing of vaccinated persons for months. The likelihood of registering mild, atypical, or asymptomatic cases in the PERMANENT mass screening of the unvaccinated is significantly higher compared with the vaccinated.

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