Criminal Offense with Covid Vaccinations



Criminal Offense with Covid Vaccinations

31.10.2021 |

At the press conference of scientists, physicians and lawyers on September 20, 2021 in Reutlingen, Germany, top-class experts come to the conclusion that Covid-19 vaccines have relevant side effects up to death and that these vaccines contain undeclared, highly toxic ingredients. They question why pharmaceutical companies, politicians and the leading media talk mantra-like about safe Covid vaccines and suppress every qualified dissenting voice. For the lawyers participating in the conference, the suspicion of a criminal offense is growing stronger. The facts at hand and especially the people involved should definitely be investigated further; and it should lead to a public discourse, even to a legal clarification. For what is at stake is nothing less than the fate of the entire world population, which now must be helped.

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Criminal Offense with Covid Vaccinations

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