Psychozyme Dimensions – the final secret (by Ivo Sasek)



Psychozyme Dimensions – the final secret (by Ivo Sasek)

08.11.2021 |

Today I feel like a commissioner having to teach a bunch of unsuspecting children that their sweet home is history. And that’s because their parents seemingly are not what they believed them to be – and even worse, because their parents will no longer care for them because they have degenerated into being criminals. Now we are in need of real, world-democratic resolutions. To make you aware of the scope of what needs to be said, let’s first look back to 2001: Only one day before the 9/11 catastrophe, then U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said at a press conference: The most serious threat to the USA does not come from the outside but from within – namely through the Pentagon bureaucracy. A prophetic statement, I think today. Rumsfeld 2001 verbatim: “According to some estimates, we cannot track $ 2.3 trillion in transactions.” Wow. The Pentagon’s total annual budget at the time was about $400 billion. So a third of it disappeared without a trace – and because this ominous-financial dwindling was not duly investigated, it happened not only once, but year after year again, up to a final sum of 2.3 trillion $ – insane! But this confession by Rumsfeld, in front of running cameras, did not herald the end of it, but rather the definitive breakthrough of an even far more inconceivably disastrous corruption. For only one day later, as is well known, the Twin Towers and WTC 7 sank into nuclear dust – and with it countless pieces of evidence. Of course, mankind, which is bitterly persecuted for every embezzled tax cent, has complete understanding for it, when in the most famous administration building of the world, with its Ministry of Defense in it, 2,300 x 1 billion $ disappear without a trace. Well, bureaucracy is not everyone’s thing. Or, what do you think when you hear this? At least you might think so since 9/11 – because even 20 years after the detonation of those towers which is still not cleared up, nobody seems to be pushing to get to the bottom of the theft of all those trillions that disappeared without a trace. You simply don’t hear about it anymore. You see, these are the kind of dimensions of fraud at the very highest level that we are talking about right now.

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