Organised crime: COVID-19 and ANTHRAX-01 – Interview with Heiko Schöning



Organised crime: COVID-19 and ANTHRAX-01 – Interview with Heiko Schöning

11.11.2021 |

“It is indeed the case that we now have the best chance in over a hundred years to overcome this system, this criminal system in which we live. The real difference to earlier years and decades, when there were already war lies about millions of people who had already been killed, is that now here in the West the attention is there. Because too many people, including myself, have looked away too much from this organised crime over the decades. Millions of dead in Vietnam, in Iraq. Did we really care? Have we done enough? And now it’s our turn. And that is the main message. We must now, as responsible fathers, civil servants, officers, doctors – everyone, we must now come together and say: No to the mafia! Because at some point it will be our own turn and we are realising that now, economically and also physically. We are not only being patronised, but our lives are in danger and also those of our families.” Heiko Schöning, founder of the Corona Commission of Inquiry and Vice President of the World Freedom Alliance has a new book out. The title is “Game Over”. In detail and yet clearly, he proves on about 500 pages that COVID-19 was a planned crime. As if in a blueprint, eighteen years earlier the perpetrators of today carried out a similar crime with deadly anthrax bacteria (ANTRAX-01). Kla.TV reported on the anthrax attack in the inset programme (see: In 2001, too, panic was stirred up, emergency laws were waved through and mass vaccinations were carried out. The unusual suicide of the official lone perpetrator Dr Bruce Ivins and his connection to the anthrax vaccine manufacturer Emergent BioSolutions caught the attention of the doctor Schöning. They prompted him to conduct years of undercover research. The knowledge he gained from this enabled him to publicly predict a renewed pathogen panic for 2020 in September 2019 – months before COVID-19. Criminalistic details and powers of deduction led him to the conclusion: Emergent BioSolutions and their backers are planning much bigger things. But organised crime is playing high poker and will lose the game when the criminals come to light – “Game Over”! In his exclusive interview with Kla.TV,

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