Corona confusion? 8 clarifying questions (by Ivo Sasek)



Corona confusion? 8 clarifying questions (by Ivo Sasek)

20.11.2021 |

Once again, I am speaking to all of you out there, wherever you are, in all countries, although I have to focus on us Swiss first now. Of course, it is once again about Covid. About the Covid restriction tightening, to be more precise. There are just eight days left for us Swiss, then it will become clear whether we were able to successfully defend our freedom in Switzerland, or whether more of our extensive rights and freedoms will be sacrificed on the altar of insidious lying propaganda. In any case, we at Kla.TV thank all the truth-loving people out there in the world, for whom no effort and no sacrifice have been too great so far! Who have braved the storm waves of, shall I say, this inconceivable tide of censorship and corruption. Millions of you have now, for many months, in the most exemplary self-control and love, I would like to call it, incessantly demanded public dialogue. However, the mass media again preferred – instead of fulfilling their duty of just reporting – to denigrate you as covidiots, as enemies of democracy, conspiracy theorists, hate propagandists, and so on. But you have successfully withstood to this day! You’ve withstood this incessant provocation to division and civil war – I think to deliberate civil war. Really a bravo, bravo! Something like this, I think, has never happened before in the history of mankind – at least not in such a world-wide way. And exactly this fact points to the justified hope that a more just and better world is actually on the verge of dawning. Because, exactly you are this new world, becoming visible exactly here! You are the steadfast warning criers in love! Where has there ever been anything like this – worldwide!? You cannot stop, because you have heard the suppressed counter voices of the highest-ranking circles of experts and simply cannot allow that these are continually withheld from the broad public. Yes, you cannot keep silent after hearing the highest-ranking experts – professors – who testify and have testified to worldwide mass murder and more regarding the whole Covid vaccination story. I have to be brief today. That’s why I’m once again presenting a few striking arguments or questions that you can pass on to all those who still can’t understand why you,

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