BioNTech-Pfizer raw data not available for 55 years?



BioNTech-Pfizer raw data not available for 55 years?

21.11.2021 |

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has repeatedly promised “full transparency” regarding COVID-19 vaccines in the past. In light of this, in August 2021, immediately following the regular approval of BioNTech-Pfizer’s Comirnaty vaccine, more than 30 academics, professors, and scientists from the most prestigious universities in the U.S. requested the data and information Pfizer had submitted to the FDA for licensure of its COVID-19 vaccine. Then nothing happened for 3 months until November 16, when the FDA asked a U.S. federal judge to give it until 2076 to fully submit this information. Unfortunately, one would have only 10 staff members for the onerous task of closely examining the 329,000 pages for any Pfizer trade secrets and possibly personal information hidden within them, before they were made public. The attorney for the plaintiff scientists argues against this: “While the FDA (for the purpose of approving vaccines) can thoroughly review these documents in 108 days, it now requires 20,000 days to make these documents available to the public.” So where is the promised transparency? What is behind this game of hide and seek?

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BioNTech-Pfizer raw data not available for 55 years?

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