Corona: Division, polemics, exclusion – and what comes next?



Corona: Division, polemics, exclusion – and what comes next?

22.11.2021 |

The German sociologist and social psychologist Prof. Harald Welzer, explains in his book “Täter: Wie aus ganz normalen Menschen Massenmörder werden (Perpetrators: How Normal People Become Mass Murderers)” the mechanism by which exclusion and genocide has already occurred in the Third Reich. At first, generally accepted values and social norms lose their validity in small steps. From an ideological or political perspective, these individual steps seem harmless or even necessary. In this way, a small group of people is increasingly being excluded from social life. A majority increasingly views itself as exclusive and perceives the minority group or each of its members as a threat to the well-being or the existence of the majority society. According to Prof. Welzer, all historically known extermination processes were preceded by the definition of a group posing a threat. Because then it seems to be consistent to eliminate this minority, which is perceived as threatening. Morally legitimized, completely normal people thus become perpetrators. What follows is an accelerating social, psychological, material and legal devaluation and discrimination of the minority. During National Socialism, it culminated in the registration, segregation and murder of Jews. Moderator: 1.31 Kla-TV has taken a close look at the current development in Germany from this point of view, and in this respect has allowed not only high-ranking experts but also those once affected themselves to have their say. The division of society and thus the discrimination and stigmatization of the unvaccinated is being driven ever more openly by the media and politics. The president of the World Medical Association, Montgomery, publicly expresses that unvaccinated people have to accept disadvantages. Drosten and Lauterbach expect a difficult autumn with stricter corona rules because too few Germans are “getting immunized.” Meanwhile, politicians and the media are talking about the “pandemic of the unvaccinated”. From Health Minister Spahn can be heard “We vaccinate Germany into freedom”. Former German president and pastor Joachim Gauck labels all those who are not willing to be vaccinated as ” crackpots”. This fear-mongering, divisive rhetoric by high-level politicians and alleged experts is showing increasingly drastic effects in society. More and more federal states in Germany are following Hamburg, implementing the “2G” Corona Rules, [This means opening access to societal services only to the vaccinated or the recovered.] Several federal states plan to discontinue pay for Covid unvaccinated people in quarantine.

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