“Project Salus” shows: More vaccinated than unvaccinated hospitalized due to Covid-19



“Project Salus” shows: More vaccinated than unvaccinated hospitalized due to Covid-19

18.12.2021 | www.kla.tv/21033

“Don’t trust any statistic you haven’t falsified yourself” is a common saying that expresses how much you can manipulate with statistics, studies and the like. But today, dear viewers, we would like to present you with a data analysis on the effect of vaccines that we consider very credible for the following reasons: 1. The data come from a very large number of patients, namely 5.6 million U.S. patients aged 65 and older who are insured by the Medicare system. [Medicare is the public and federal health insurance within the U.S. health care system for elderly or disabled citizens]. Here, it cannot be assumed that trickery would have been used by purposefully selecting study participants, as is easily possible with smaller studies. 2. The period of data collection ranges from January 2021 to August 21, 2021, thus beginning shortly after the start of vaccination in the USA. [Dec. 14, 2020, see Tagesschau article]. The data show the course of the pandemic before and after the emergence of the delta variant of the coronavirus and are thus very meaningful in terms of the lack of broad impact of the vaccines. 3. The purpose of the analysis was to show the Department of Defense (Pentagon) the impact of the pandemic and the vaccination campaign on the population, in order to identify possible vulnerabilities in supply chains. The data was analyzed by a subdivision of the Pentagon, together with an AI [artificial intelligence] company. It cannot be in the analysts’ interest at all to falsify data to achieve any political or marketing goals and influence the population in a certain direction – such as getting them vaccinated, because the data is intended to provide factual information to the Department of Defense. These data come from the United States, but: first, the virus behaves the same way everywhere, and second, vaccines were used that are also widely used in our country and others, namely the Covid-19 vaccines from Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna. After these introductory remarks, let’s get to the analysis itself! You will find a link to the original document at the end of this post. On the US website Natural News (www.naturalnews.com), an article by Ethan Huff was published about this, which we have translated for you in part here: [Translation of parts of the article – with DeepL :] Department of Defense data show that 60% of patients hospitalized for “covid” aged 65 and older are “fully vaccinated.” The Department of Defense,

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