What is behind the accusations that Russia is attacking Ukraine?



What is behind the accusations that Russia is attacking Ukraine?

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18.12.2021 | www.kla.tv/21036

For weeks, Western media have warned that Russia is planning a military attack on Ukraine. Here are two examples: – Swiss Radio and Television (SRF), December 14, 2021: “Many EU foreign ministers assume that Russia will attack Ukraine militarily. Numerous EU states apparently assume that Russia is preparing a war against Ukraine.” – BILD berichtete am 4. Dezember diesen Jahres: „Bild, December 4, 2021: “From NATO and intelligence circles, BILD has learned details about (Russia’s) invasion plans ++ 175,000 Russian soldiers could invade […] Is the world on the brink of war in Europe?” These current serious accusations against Russia stem from US media reports from early November 2021. According to these, U.S. officials allegedly said that U.S. intelligence officials have been warning – quote- “of a possible Russian incursion into Ukraine.” This, they said, was becoming more likely as the weather grew colder. In addition, the head of Ukrainian military intelligence, Kirill Budanov, told the press on Nov. 20 that Russia was preparing for an attack between late January and early February. Russia had deployed more than 92,000 troops along its border, he said. So is there any truth to the allegations against the Russian government and what do they say? On the one hand, Russian government officials have denied that Russia is planning an attack on Ukraine contrary to all Western media reports. They say this is unfounded hysteria intended to distract from the real danger. The real danger being the massive buildup of Ukrainian and NATO forces in the region. On the other hand, the Russian government draws “red lines” in the sand of what is not tolerated: 1. First a renewed attack by Ukrainian forces against the republics of Donetsk and Lugansk in the Donbass region that claimed their independence. 2. Second a stationing of U.S. military units with heavy equipment and long-range weapons on Ukrainian territory, and 3. third an eastward expansion of NATO or Ukraine’s accession to NATO. Thus, Moscow fears possible preparations by Kiev for a large-scale offensive against Donetsk and Lugansk. Russia will protect its citizens in the Donbass in the event of war,

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