The ‘hidden job’ of vaccines



The ‘hidden job’ of vaccines

04.12.2021 |

According to the vaccination calendar of the German Robert Koch Institute, short RKI, infants should be vaccinated from as early as the 6th week. The RKI and scientists at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend that mothers temporarily stop breastfeeding. In this way, the effectiveness of the oral rotavirus vaccine could supposedly be increased. According to them, breast milk contains a lot of antibodies, which may neutralize the vaccine immediately. They write in the CDC study, “Now, before mothers skip vaccinations so that breast milk could make the baby immune and healthy, they may be better off skipping breast milk and having the baby vaccinated instead so that the vaccines could ‘do their job’. ” The question here is, what exactly is the ‘job’ that vaccinations are supposed to do on children, when the immunizing effect of breast milk is verifiably much stronger? Isn’t there obviously something being concealed from us?

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The ‘hidden job’ of vaccines

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