Masterclass: How to turn the Corona crisis into a good outcome



Masterclass: How to turn the Corona crisis into a good outcome

24.12.2021 |

The entire cosmos seems to believe that ultimately everything MUST have a good ending. It seems it is engraved into the hearts of men, because even the old German fairy tales have a happy ending. Be it Hansel and Gretel, Little Red Riding Hood or Puss in Boots, the good guys always win in the end. – But let’s turn our attention to the present: The entire mankind was unceremoniously locked down, based on an alleged CORONA pandemic, now after a short breather, they are facing an even more draconian situation – mandatory vaccinations! And this defies horrendously high numbers of vaccine deaths and injuries. Many are distraught and resigned and are asking themselves where this will lead to. “It will go as far as we allow it”, is the answer of the German singer Nena, meaning it is up to Us whether we let everything happen or not. This program documents exemplary initiatives and actions of non-participants. Whether we have a short or a long, difficult way to a happy ending, is exclusively within our powers. Imagine Corona rules and nobody complies How much each individual can change his or her environment is demonstrated with the following examples: For health reasons, 8-year-old Fiona Lashells did not wear a mask to school. Yet she was sent home 38 times. She then publicly addressed the school board, demanding that all those who had done this to her be jailed. As a result of her standing firm and “coming out,” the Palm Beach County School District lifted the mask requirement. – Teacher Gunnar Kaiser took a leave of absence from teaching to have time to help students and fellow citizens overcome their fear through education. – In Canada, a couple visiting a restaurant shows the waitress some vacation pictures on their smartphones instead of vaccination cards. The waitress immediately understands that she is dealing with vaccination refusers. But she ignores this and serves the couple as if they had shown their vaccination cards. – Psychologist K. Pracher-Hilander emphasizes the importance of being aware of one’s strength. We can take on a leadership role ourselves, join forces, and thus initiate an avalanche Doctors take action against Covid gene therapy “I will not comply” – seems to be the guiding principle for many healthcare professionals worldwide.

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