Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg: It`s a crime



Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg: It`s a crime

27.12.2021 | www.kla.tv/21118

Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, a doctor of internal medicine, worked as a public health official and later became a member of the German Bundestag. During this time, swine flu emerged and he noticed something was amiss when 800 cases in Mexico were declared a pandemic. He got to the bottom of it and discovered a can of worms of lies and corruption within the WHO. He introduced a bill called “Fake Pandemic” and did much to debunk this fake scare tactic, to the dismay of the corrupt officials of these institutions. He then worked in the Council of Europe. Wodarg formulates his opinion on Covid-19 on his website as follows: “We have not been experiencing virus-related epidemics or even pandemics for a long time, but attempts to justify and introduce the mass application of genetic engineering to humans with devastating consequences, or even attempts at hidden population control.” Now watch Planet Lockdown’s interview with Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, conducted in February 2021.

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Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg: It`s a crime

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