Dangerous vaccine ingredients: Open discourse essential



Dangerous vaccine ingredients: Open discourse essential

28.12.2021 | www.kla.tv/21133

In the summer of 2021, the renowned pathologist Prof. Dr. Schirmacher from Heidelberg made a name for himself in the Deutsche Ärztezeitung. He assumes, analogous to the results of his investigations, that the number of people who died as a result of Covid 19 vaccinations is significantly higher than officially reported. It became known from Japan that scientists found metal parts in Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccine. This led to the death of some vaccinated people and the Japanese government had 1.63 million vaccine doses withdrawn from circulation. Due to these and other similar incidents, top-class doctors, scientists and lawyers met in Reutlingen on 20 September 2021 for a congress followed by a press conference. The experts agree that undeclared ingredients in Covid vaccines are wreaking havoc in the vaccinated. They ask themselves why, in spite of the highly toxic and even deadly ingredients, pharmaceutical companies, politicians and the leading media always talk about safe Covid vaccines and suppress every qualified dissenting voice. Shortly before, a Spanish research team had even detected graphene oxide with all its potential danger in Covid-19 vaccines and sounded the alarm, while politicians and the leading media swept these facts under the carpet as well. But what exactly is graphene oxide and what does it do to humans? Graphene and graphene oxide: Risky All-rounders Graphene is 1000 times more conductive than copper, 100 times stronger than steel and as flexible as rubber. It transfers its properties to any material to which it is added. In this way, almost any material can be made electrically conductive. Graphene is used in cars, in glass, in coatings or as an enhancer of plastic. Rubber tyres become more resistant and fireproof. Special concrete mixed with graphene can withstand double the loads. Image sensors become 1000 times more sensitive to light. The less expensive graphene oxide has similar properties. It is foreseeable that these super substances will be found in all areas of daily life even before their harmlessness has been proven. But what if this material turns out to be a problem substance that is harmful to health, neither degradable nor recyclable? Can humanity once again afford the unbridled use of a dubious wonder substance? Nothing learned from the asbestos scandal? Graphene oxide: Dangerous use in humans According to the American FDA,

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