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Doctors’ Alliance sends liability notice – “threatening letter” or important reminder?

29.12.2021 |

Currently, readers of daily newspapers are being informed that family doctors are receiving so-called “threatening letters from opponents of vaccination”. The reaction of the family doctors’ association, in a Nov. 10th ‘ article in the Mitteldeutsche Zeitung’ (MZ): was like: “Into the shredder!” “I think we’ll get the thing dead quickest if we ignore it,” was the statement of association spokesman Holger Fischer. These above-mentioned “threatening letters” are in reality a liability notice to physicians and other responsible persons in authorities. A copy is available to Kla.TV. The authors are however no obscure alarmists from the “Querdenker” scene, as written in the MZ. This liability notice was published by the association “Mediziner und Wissenschaftler für Gesundheit, Freiheit, und Demokratie” (MWGFD e.V.) (Physicians and scientists for health, freedom and democracy) around its chairman Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi, together with the “Doctors for Covid Ethics” and the foundation “Ärzte für Aufklärung” (doctors for clarification). The letter seeks to remind physicians, and others in positions of authority, of their personal liability in the Corona vaccine issue. The lack of vaccine safety, the low benefit of vaccination compared to the high risks, and the failure to heed the numerous dissenting voices, motivated the initiators to take this step to make physicians take a pause and, at the same time, to initiate an open discourse. In this liability notice, they call attention to the many, serious side effects, such as heart muscle inflammation, strokes, cardiac infarcts, pulmonary embolisms, thrombosis, miscarriages, and epilepsy. Almost simultaneously with this warning call, an article appeared in the prestigious British Medical Journal, which the scientists took into account in their cause. It brings to light scandalous flaws in Pfizer’s hastily conducted clinical trials. The letters initiators therefore are asking the physicians and authorities responsible not to close their eyes any longer in the light of these serious facts and to draw from them the necessary consequences. No one should wait until the medical and political authorities come to their senses! Every doctor and every politician is appealed to stop being complicit in prolonging this irresponsible vaccination campaign, which has already cost the health and even the lives of so many people, according to the wording from the letter. Professor Bhakdi summarizes his concern for the action in an interview with Dr.

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