Silenced expert voices ̶ exclusive on Kla.TV (Review 2021)



Silenced expert voices ̶ exclusive on Kla.TV (Review 2021)

31.12.2021 |

In the past year 2021, the forcibly financed state media shot themselves in the foot even further. They categorically conceal key expert voices of high-ranking doctors, microbiologists, investigators, scientists, lawyers and eyewitnesses. An open discourse has not been possible for a long time. The general public is only one-sidedly informed by the leading media and cornered through fear, dividing agitation and profit-hungry pharmaceutical giants. In 2021, KLA.TV, also met the great need of humanity and invited experts from all kinds of important fields of science, education and medicine to have their say. For you today an exclusive review of the most important expert voices who can finally pass on their revealing knowledge to the world at Kla.TV … Prof. Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi is a specialist in microbiology and infectious disease epidemiology as well as a former professor at Gutenberg University in Mainz. He headed the Institute for Medical Microbiology and Hygiene for 22 years. He was one of the first expert voices to question the Corona measures and the massive restrictions on fundamental rights associated with them and wrote an open letter to the German Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel in this regard. Even before the vaccinations began, he was one of the first to warn of massive vaccine damages such as strokes, brain haemorrhages and deaths resulting from vaccination. When these then occurred in great numbers and in full tragedy, he explained the correlations in a generally understandable and tireless manner in order to save the misguided population from even greater damage. According to Bhakdi, the gene-based vaccines are completely different from ordinary vaccines and a thousand times more dangerous. The vaccination campaign is the greatest crime ever conceivable for Bhakdi. Attorney Dr. Reiner Fuellmich sums up the findings of the extra-parliamentary Corona investigation committee, in which more than 150 experts have already spoken, as follows: – Corona was never about health. – The virus is no more dangerous than influenza, with a mortality rate of 0.14 to 0.15%. – The alleged vaccinations are in fact gene therapy experiments. They are extremely dangerous. – There are at least 500,000 conservatively estimated deaths since vaccination started. – Our governments are not acting in the best interests of their peoples, but are mainly under control of the patrons of global corporations and NGOs.

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