Covid vaccination injuries – New template for criminal charges



Covid vaccination injuries – New template for criminal charges

13.01.2022 |

In the following speech, KLA.TV founder, Ivo Sasek, once more directly addresses public prosecutors and files criminal charges against the ongoing Covid fraud. He also provides necessary facts in this criminal complaint against persons unknown. This content is also being sent at the same time to over 1,200 leading media outlets throughout Germany. KLA.TV will be following up on the reactions to Ivo Sasek’s action. His criminal complaint can be downloaded below the broadcast. One can adapt it to one’s own personal use and print it out easily. This action will only be fully effective, if all public prosecutor’s offices are familiarized with the contents from all sides. So, feel free to print out the text below and adapt it to your own personal needs. Please keep your complaint in a form that will not make you liable to fees. The attached complaint is free of charge in Switzerland. Also keep writing to your media outlets and journalists and inform them about such initiatives. Thank you. Ivo Sasek: I address the public prosecutor with this speech: While the public prosecutor has to automatically intervene in case of even the slightest suspicion of an act of violence or even killing – for example, if a lifeless body is found somewhere (…) a newborn child dies at birth, etc. – the same doesn’t apply at all, unfortunately for “Covid vaccine injured” and “Covid vaccine deaths”. I therefore feel obligated, downright obligated, to file a criminal charge against persons unknown, so that you can thoroughly investigate and deal with the deplored circumstances that are brought forward hereinafter. First of all, it should be noted that countless high-ranking pharma-independent virologists, epidemiologists, medical specialists, etc., have precisely predicted well before the Covid vaccination campaigns, what cruelty will hit us that could have been quite avoidable. Unfortunately, all their warnings have so far come increasingly true. From the outset, however, the mass media have consistently and categorically censored, distorted or for the least reviled their testimonies. The public discourse which was stubbornly refused in the mass media from the very beginning, and amazingly worldwide, stimulated various researches for the reason behind all this, that is the question. The results listed in the appendix unfortunately show completely unacceptable connections,

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