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17-05-22 04:42:00,

Van het onafhankelijke CSTV YouTube kanaal van Jasper:

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We will immediately kick off the new season of the “Common Sense Talk” at an international level. Today we invited to our studio is Tobias from Germany, Germany’s number 1 #Bodybuilder but more importantly one of the organizers of demonstrations in Germany.

In the GVG podcast Jasper invites guests whose mouths are being gagged, who are not allowed to talk, but who have interesting matters to discuss. During the conversation, Jasper takes the time for their guests to tell their story. Today in the Common Sense Talk podcast we had a conversation longer than 90 minutes and the first full #English spoken, so that both Dutch and German viewers and the rest of the world can understand what is going on here.

We want to know how the demonstration in Germany is going, how are the authorities handling it. What is the coverage on TV like, how are attempts being made to suppress it and what framing is being used. Tobias worked satisfactorily for over 13 years at Germany’s major insurance company and was fired on the spot. Has a great passion for bodybuilding and has become number 1 in Germany in 2020 and now he takes them time to inform everyone about the takeover of power that is taking place in the world and take to the streets in a peaceful and loving way to counter the sound to let you know.

Want to stay informed or join Tobias and his team with organizers and moderators? https://t.me/grundrechteosnabrueck

Learn more about the social credit system Explain in Dutch:

Report of demonstrations May 1, 2022 “It Ain’t Right” on Dam Square in Amsterdam where Tobias addresses the people on stage: https://youtu.be/FqOUQAyiqfo

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