ㅤSeriously, What happened to Stephen Colbert?ㅤseriously,-what-happened-to-stephen-colbert?

18-05-22 05:36:00,

This is a montage of some of the musical educational called “The Vax-Scene” that appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert during its 6th season in 2021. These brief musicals purport to be a fun, humorous way to encourage viewers to go get the COVID-19 death shot but they’re as tone deaf and horrifically dystopian as could possibly be.

Colbert almost appears to be under duress, bopping to these bizarre orchestral pieces and animated cartoons, with lyrics that include tongue-in-cheek references to conspiracy theories, “No need for alarm! No microchip!” and Leftist kink, “You can lick your grandma now!”

The sequences are the result of CBS tossing their COVID-19 Relief Funds at the AFL-CIO’s SAG-AFTRA, Local 802 Chapter of the American Federation of Musicians and IATSE’s Local 839 Animation Guild. Larger-scale musicals have also been produced with complex choreographies,

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