Goodbye, My Love, Goodbye


18-05-22 01:40:00,

(Any musicians out there who feel inspired to put this to song are enthusiastically invited to do so. Make any changes to the lyrics/title you want.)

Hello my love, I brought the dog
and that old rug you like.
Tessa took that job in Sydney;
Petey’s learning to ride a bike.
Molly made a viral TikTok,
though I’m not sure what that means;
you know it’s hard to understand their stuff
once they get into their teens.

And anyway they’ll be here soon;
you can hear it straight from them
if you’ll just hang on a little while
the whole gang’s flying in.
They’d really like to see you, love,
so if you wouldn’t mind
just hanging round a moment more
so they can say goodbye.

You haven’t said a word in months;
haven’t known my name in years.
I’ve said a thousand prayers in vain
and shed a million tears.
It’s been heartbreak after heartbreak
as you’ve slowly slipped away;
still none of that prepared me for
this long-arriving day.

The hospice says it won’t be long;
my heart says that can’t be.
In ways it feels like we just met
that evening by the sea.

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