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18-05-22 02:39:00,

An article of interest published by U.S. Army War College shortly after the Orange Revolution:

“Ukraine After the Orange Revolution: Can It Complete Military Transformation and Join the U.S.-Led War on Terrorism?” by Deborah Sanders Dr.
October 2006

It details the extent of military cooperation between U.S., NATO, and Ukraine. These remarks especially caught my attention:

“The Ukrainian government demonstrated its commitment to the U.S.-led defeat of international terrorism when it deployed a chemical and biological decontamination unit to Kuwait during the first phase of the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq.” (p. 5)

Much more of interest is stated in this article. For example, it is clear that NATO and Ukraine have jointly carried out “peacekeeping” (i.e., military) operations in many areas of the world:

“Ukraine has been a long and active supporter of peacekeeping operations, with its service personnel having performed peacekeeping missions in Eastern Slovenia, Macedonia, Angola, Abkhazia, Guatemala, Tajikistan, and Lebanon. Ukraine has played an important role in NATO-led peacekeeping in Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as Kosovo. . . . Indicating the new government’s support for the provision of niche capabilities, Ukrainian transport aircraft have provided airlift for cargo and peacekeepers in Afghanistan. Former President Leonid Kuchma further signaled Ukraine’s military commitment to defeat terrorism and promote peace and stability when he authorized the deployment of 1,600 Ukrainian peace-keeping troops to the Polish-controlled sector of Iraq. Ukraine also is engaged in cooperation with NATO in the fight against terrorism…” (p.

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