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22-05-22 11:34:00,

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This is a short sitrep just to bring the latest information together.  First, Brian Berletic does a fine job of describing the battlefield for us, without drowning it in detail.  He makes a lot of sense and touches on those ‘wonderful M777 howitzers’, which, if we believe the Wurlitzer Media, are making a decisive difference.  Well, they are not.

A summary of Berletic’s update for Russian military operations in Ukraine for May 21, 2022:

  1. Ukrainian militants in the Azovstal steel works have unconditionally surrendered numbering between hundreds (current Red Cross count) to thousands according to Russian sources;
  2. Mariupol has been secured by Russia since mid to late-April – Ukraine finally admits however that its “combat operations” have fully ended;
  3. Russia continues to make progress in the Donbas region – Ukrainian forces are being encircled in Severodonestsk and Lysychansk – the salient around Papasnya is expanding both west and north as part of this major encirclement;
  4. Pentagon admits Russia still poses the majority of its combat power – possess a “numerical advantage” over Ukraine – and is making “slow, uneven” progress, but progress nonetheless;
  5. Kharkov “offensive” has either stalled or is in the process of being rolled back;
  6. US M777 howitzers have been found, tracked, targeted, and destroyed by Russian forces;
  7. Additional attempts to send heavy weapons will face similar technical, tactical, strategic, and manpower challenges;

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