The Unz Review:ㅤThe United States Has Joined the Ranks of Shithole Countries, by Paul Craig Roberts


12-06-22 04:00:00,

The Biden regime has turned the United States into a laughing stock. Not that the US wasn’t already a laughing matter, but now, oh boy!, even patriots are laughing.

You know those sanctions that were going to bring down Russia? Well, Biden’s sanctions drove up, not down, Russian oil shipments and revenues by 300,000 barrels a day as reported by the Wall Street Journal, and doubled the price of gasoline to Americans as reported by the American Automobile Association.

You know all those tanks and weapons promised to speed Ukraine’s defeat of Russia, well, sorry, the Russians aren’t supplying us with the titanium necessary for tank armor.

The United States government is so stupid and incompetent that the Washington morons do not yet comprehend that by becoming involved in Russia’s limited intervention in eastern Ukraine, formerly part of Russia, Washington is doing more than making the West combatants in the conflict and, thereby, potential targets. The people in Washington have to be the most stupid in the world. They are convincing Russia that her goal of demilitarizing and neutralizing Ukraine requires conquest of the entire country, not just destroying the Ukrainian army sent to reconquer the two breakaway republics in the Russian Donbass region.

In other words, by interfering in the conflict with the hope of bogging down Russia in a Vietnam-type situation, Washington is convincing the Kremlin that Russia cannot achieve her objective without conquering the entirety of Ukraine.

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