The Unz Review:ㅤWe Live in the Most Extraordinary Age of Satanic Prophecy Come True — Ari Aster’s HEREDITARY and Its Vision of Paimonic Prophecy and the Problems of Prosperity Prophecy, by Jung-Freud


13-06-22 03:58:00,

Because our daily lives are mainly concerned with mundane matters in a world that seems relatively stable and prosperous — even poor people are not starving in the West and have basic amenities — , most of us lack awareness of what an extraordinary period in history we are a part of. It is both curse and blessing as our time is both epochal and satanic. As I’m a non-believer, what I mean by ‘satanic’ isn’t necessarily spiritual or fantastical. Rather, there is something deeply diseased about the world despite all the advances in science, medicine, and technology. Being at the cusp of bio-genetic revolution, we have no way of knowing what humanity of the future may be like. But given the cancerous spirit of our times, those with the power to shape science and technology may do so for all the wrong reasons. At any rate, it is incredible that most people haven’t a clue as to why the current world-and-time is so extraordinary, amazing, and awesome. Part of the reason is, as stated earlier, most people fail to see the big picture because they are fixated on personal things. They care mostly about their jobs, family, and friends. Or, they are distracted by leisure and entertainment, especially as there’s plenty of those for people who don’t want to face reality. But, it’s also because people fail to see the significance of the period they are a part of unless it is over and can be reappraised with greater perspective.

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