The Unz Review:ㅤWhat Is a Woman?, by Paul Craig Roberts


15-06-22 04:00:00,

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    Matt Walsh has been trying to get transgender gurus to tell him what a woman is.

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    The only answer he gets is “a woman is a person who claims to be a woman, a person who self-identifies as a woman.†Ok, Walsh says, but what is a woman that the person claims to be? Repeating the unanswered question gets him labeled “transgenderphobic.†But what is that? And why is it phobic to ask what is a woman?

    The answer is that transgender is a hoax and the gurus know it. That’s why they cannot say what a woman is.

    According to the transgender gurus, there is sex and gender. Sex is biological, determined by your chromosomes, but gender is a social construct, they say. A person with a vagina, womb, ovaries, mammory glands, and capable of giving birth is defined by chromosomes as a woman. But that is not definitive. Gender, a social construct, has a say. The biological woman is not a woman unless she declares herself to be a women.

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