The Unz Review:ㅤPlease Stop Talking About “Democracy”, by Andrew Anglin


16-06-22 04:05:00,

“We going to build back so much better, you’re going to get tired of building back better. You’re going to say ‘Mr. Biden, please, we can’t keep building back better,’ and I’m gonna say ‘sorry, we have to keep building back better.’ We gotta do it, folks. Gotta do it.â€

“Democracy†is a spook.

I am philosophically anti-intellectual, but some of these concepts, you really do just need to understand. I am not a post-Hegelian individualist anarchist, but the Max Stirner spooks meme is useful in basic discourse.

Spooks are useful and necessary abstract concepts needed to structure a human social order. Even the most primitive African tribes have spooks, which is how the Catholic Church ultimately decided that they were human beings with souls and not animals (it was a hot topic of debate).

The ability to rationally build abstract thought forms outside of the concrete world is what separates humans from animals and what it means when the Bible says that “man is made in the image of God.†Spooks are a framework through which to shape and improve physical reality.

Here’s the problem with democracy: it is too spooky to be a functional spook. It is a busted spook. It has been abstracted from an abstraction so many times that no one has any idea what it means. For contrast, “freedom†also has structural problems as an abstract,

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