Dude Webblog:ㅤNetzfundstück: Die digitalisierte Menschheit stürmt in Richtung einer digitalen Illusionswelt in Ketten


17-06-22 03:06:00,

„[…] Humanity has turned away from its foundational roots, its cultural heritage, its individual spirit, and its connection with the natural world in favor of collective digital idiocy.
One of the signs that expose these truths, is the almost universal dependency on technology that has consumed the public. Little personal communication or togetherness seems necessary or important when all forms of interaction boil down to ‘smart’ phones, computers, and the games and circuses offered to the sleeping sheep.

The plan of course, as laid out by the technocratic ruling ‘elite,’ the government, the media, and the huge corporate powers, was to sacrifice all tradition, culture, individuality, true history, art, natural biology, and morality, so that a society of like-minded fools could be easily manipulated to act and react just as intended by the state masters.
[…] Generally speaking, it is difficult to observe human activity today, regardless of the personal or societal circumstance involved, whether family outings, sporting events, just walking on the street, at restaurants, concerts, or just every day-to-day activity, without noticing that nearly all are intimately attached to their phone. They are not only attached, but consumed by it, as if they could not survive without it for even a moment.

[…] This phenomenon is not innocent, as it makes dependent the majority of human beings to such an extent as to make it easy for the state under the false guise of speed,

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