The Unz Review:ㅤRace-Blind Criminal Law Is Officially Over, by Jared Taylor


17-06-22 04:10:00,

Whites to get harsher treatment.

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Just a few days ago, on June 9th, something very ominous happened that hardly anyone noticed. The Washington State Supreme Court ruled that the criminal law should officially treat people of color more leniently than it treats whites.

Civil law was perverted long ago. Laws that were supposed to stop racial discrimination are now routinely used to justify blatant discrimination in hiring, promotion, and college admission – so long as the victims are white and sometimes Asian.

And criminal law is enforced unfairly all the time, but the pretense has always been that it was blind to race. Not anymore.

The case in Washington was about “seizure of a person.†The police can seize you without arresting you. It’s when you are not free to go, even if you have not been arrested. You lose certain rights when you are seized. You can’t walk away, and you have to answer the police truthfully.

Back in 2019, police found Palla Sum sleeping in his car in a public place. An officer asked some questions about the car and asked Mr. Sum to identify himself. Mr. Sum wasn’t under arrest. He wasn’t seized. He could have said, “Good day, Officer,†and driven off. There is no dispute about that,

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