How effective are covid vaccines, really?


18-06-22 07:00:00, Pre-omicron vaccine protection against infection and severe disease (Nordstroem et al)

Published: June 2022
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Magic potion or snake oil? An honest look at the international data.

Introduction: Different positions towards covid vaccines

There are three different, fundamental positions towards covid vaccines than can be distinguished:

Positive/promotional: This is the position taken by vaccine manufacturers, many politicians and many (but not all) health agencies. It is typically driven by commercial or political considerations. In addition, many scientists who depend on government or industry money or who want to publish in high-impact journals have also taken a promotional position.

Negative/adverse: This is the position taken by vaccine skeptics. An adverse position can be based on various considerations, such as: 1) a fundamental rejection of vaccines in general; 2) a rejection of covid vaccines in particular, e.g. due to their novel technology and/or limited trial data; 3) a rejection of vaccines produced by companies with no track record (Moderna, Biontech) or with a criminal track record (Pfizer, Johnson&Johnson, AstraZeneca); 4) or based on strategic considerations (e.g. ‘vaccine passports’ as potential tools of population control).

Neutral / skeptical but open-minded: This is the position taken by some independent investigators and research groups, including Swiss Policy Research. This group of analysts tries to obtain and provide as comprehensive and as nuanced a picture as possible on both vaccine effectiveness and vaccine safety,

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