The Unz Review:ㅤElections Show That Other Minorities Have Had Enough of the Democrats’ Black Obsession, by Washington Watcher II


19-06-22 04:10:00,

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History was made last week when a Republican won a majority-Hispanic congressional district in South Texas. It went over 20 points for Hillary Clinton in 2016 and four points for Joe Biden in 2020. But on Tuesday night, Republican Mayra Flores won by nearly nine points [Republican Mayra Flores flips Dem House seat in South Texas, by Marissa Martinez, Politico, June 14, 2022]. Victory in an 85 percent Hispanic district provoked many arguments as to why it happened. But there’s one simple reason why: non-black minorities are fed up with the lawlessness and Open Borders promoted by the Democrats. And Flores’s win is just another example that many non-whites want Law And Order, not Black Lives Matter.

Flores didn’t bother with the usual Karl Rove- type tripe aimed at Hispanics. She instead ran on a solid conservative agenda that emphasized support for border security and law enforcement (She’s married to a Border Patrol officer, a fact she loved to highlight on the campaign trail). Her signs proclaimed: “God. Family. Country†[The Republican Who Flipped South Texas, Wall Street Journal, June 15, 2022]. Most importantly she did not promise Amnesty. She vowed to crack down on illegal immigration in her platform statement on the subject:

Illegal immigration encourages and funds human/child trafficking.

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