The Unz Review:ㅤWill Ukraine-Driven Food Shortages Spark Mass Migrations—and the End of the Neoliberal World Order?, by James Kirkpatrick


20-06-22 04:20:00,

Sunday’s legislative elections in France saw a historic success for Marine Le Pen and her rebranded National Rally, one few saw coming [Marine Le Pen’s far-right party gains newfound power in French election, by Abigail Adcox, Washington Examiner, June 19, 2022]. Recovering from a disappointing presidential election, the French Right now has more power in the legislature than ever, while President Emmanuel Macron has been dramatically weakened. This comes at a time when the European Union, a bastardized, anti-European organization that exists to repress the indigenous people of the Continent, is losing its unity about how to confront Russia and when war-triggered food shortages may cause a global migration surge that will dwarf the 2015-2016 wave. We are nearing the end of a cycle, perhaps the end of the neoliberal world order and the beginning of something new and superior.

March’s French presidential election saw Eric Zemmour reduced to a fringe candidate in the first round and Marine Le Pen crushed by incumbent Emmanuel Macron in the runoff. This appeared to challenge the very premise of Marine Le Pen’s softened National Rally, rebranded from her father’s more hardline National Front. Just days ago, the U.K. Telegraph smirked that a confident united Left could potentially achieve an outright victory in the legislative elections while the nationalists bickered among themselves [Political demise of Eric Zemmour is a cautionary tale for the French Right,

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