The Unz Review:ㅤGOP’s South Texas Victory Does Not Mean Hispanics Nationwide Are Tilting Toward the Party, by Pedro de Alvarado


21-06-22 04:20:00,

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If only because of the illegal-alien invasion at the southwest border, Republicans have been rightly optimistic about crushing Biden’s party in November. And Mexico-born Mayra Flores’ victory in the special election for Texas 34th congressional district has only reinforced those not unwarranted hopes [Newly elected Mayra Flores on Democrats: ‘They feel entitled to our vote’, by David Cohen, Politico, June 19, 2022]. Yet GOP Central Planners must not think that Flores’ success means Hispanics will run to the GOP nationwide, and again tilt at the windmill of the Hispanic vote while ignoring the white middle class. South Texas is unique, and very unlike major cities where Hispanics are monolithically Democrat and will stay that way.

Texas 34 is 85 percent Hispanic and it has been solidly Democrat for ages [Republicans flip U.S. House seat in South Texas, historically a Democratic stronghold, by Patrick Svitek, The Texas Tribune, June 14, 2022]. But incumbent Rep. Filemon Vela Jr. announced in March 2021 that he would not run for re-election, despite winning 55 percent to 42 against Republican Rey Gonzalez Jr. in 2020. Curiously, Joe Biden won the district by a smaller margin, 51-37. For perspective, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton won the district handily during their presidential runs, 61-38 and 59-37.

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