The Unz Review:ㅤFalse Hope in the Republican Party? Where Do We Go from Here?, by Boyd D. Cathey


22-06-22 04:00:00,

It did not dawn on me until I walked out to my mailbox Monday, June 20…and there was no mail. “What’s up?†I thought. “It’s Monday, and I always get mail on Monday, since it piles up on Sunday when there is no delivery.†What had happened, I wondered.

Then, I witnessed one of those special delivery postal agents who work on holidays, and I flagged her down. And come to find out that Monday was “Juneteenth,†a new Federal holiday (actually it was Sunday, but the Feds, as is their wont, postponed the observance until June 20th). So, there was no regular mail delivery.

That explained it; I had forgotten the latest government concession in the name of “equity†and “liberal democracy,†and advancing the “ideals of America†as exemplified somehow in the Declaration of Independence.

As a national Federal holiday “Juneteenth,†this latest paean to political correctness and abject apology for our past sins as a nation, was enacted by the US senate unanimously on June 17, 2021, and by a vote in the House of Representative of 415 to 14. Literally no one stood forth to explain what actually was occurring: politically craven expediency and servile acquiescence to ideology.

That set me to thinking, and I recalled the debate years ago over the creation of Martin Luther King Day, enacted back in 1983, with overwhelming Democratic AND Republican support in the US Senate (among the Democrats,

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