The Unz Review:ㅤIf the Kremlin Ever Wakes Up Things Will Go Badly for the West, by Paul Craig Roberts


23-06-22 04:00:00,

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If the Kremlin Ever Wakes Up Things Will Go Badly for the West

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    As I have emphasized for a number of years, the Kremlin’s passivity in the face of provocations encourages more and worse provocations. I have expressed concern that the provocations will cross a red line, and the Kremlin will cease being a passive receiver of provocations. When that time comes, the West might not be prepared for the consequence, comfortable, as it was expressed by the US Department of State the other day, that Russian red lines are just “bluster.â€

    I have said that if Russia were to put its foot down hard, the provocations would cease, but my opinion has had no effect on the Western “foreign policy community†or on the Kremlin. Russia, it seems, courts provocations, and the West delivers them.

    Consider the provocations to Russia of just the past week. Israel attacked the civilian airport in Damascus, Syria, closing the airport. This is just another way of putting pressure on Russia while Russia is engaged in clearing Donbass of Ukrainian forces.

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