The Unz Review:ㅤCounterinsurgent Culture: the Right’s Literary Offensive, by Paul Souvestre


28-07-22 04:10:00,

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Novelist Joyce Carol Oates (very much a conventional liberal, see here, here, and here) recently tweeted “a friend who is a literary agent told me that he cannot even get editors to read first novels by young white male writers, no matter how good; they are just not interested.†Of course, she was immediately denounced, but she’s right. Meanwhile, young white male writers, and publishers, are organizing their own Counterinsurgent Culture.

The facile Leftist assertion is that the Right is incapable of making art (Dostoevsky? Kipling? Wagner?). But it is true that the Right has been pretty effectively Cancelled when it comes to providing entertainment and education alternatives today.

Thankfully, this is changing. Centre-Right news outlets like Ben Shapiro’s Daily Wire are producing documentaries and films, while tougher-minded strands of the Right are producing Substack articles, books, and magazines at a frenetic pace. Earlier this year, a coterie of anonymous Twitter uses launched the Passage Prize in order to encourage Right-wing art and literature. The prize received well over a thousand submissions and now a handsome volume showcasing the best of these submissions is available for purchase from Passage Press.

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