The Unz Review:ㅤLet’s Just Start Renaming Everything in Order to Confuse People for No Reason, by Andrew Anglin


28-07-22 04:10:00,

Should I just type the thing I always type again? How much longer can I keep doing this?

It would be one thing if it was called a “Nip Pedophile Cartoon Hornet.†I think that would be a fair enough name for a dangerous insect. But Asia is a locale from whence the murder hornet originates.

Maybe it would be something if it was the African Murder Hornet, because Africans are well-known murderers. But Asians are not known for murder. Maybe if it was the Thai Ladyboy Hornet. Or the Burmese Genocider of Moslems Hornet.


Political correctness has propelled scientists to change the name of Asian murder hornets to prevent potential discrimination.

Known officially as Asian giant hornets and colloquially as Asian murder hornets, scientists with the Entomological Society of America announced on Monday that the new official name will be the “Northern giant hornet,†even though they actually do descend from Asia and were only detected in North America in 2019.

“Amid a rise in hate crimes and discrimination against people of Asian descent, usage of ‘Asian’ in the name of a pest insect can unintentionally bolster anti-Asian sentiment,†the society said in a press release.

This respectable colored gentleman pushed this Asiatic in front of a train as revenge for being stung by an Asian Murder Hornet

The society further added that the negative stigma attached to the hornets’ name could lead to future violence against Asians.

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