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I came upon the 1996 Edition of Roger Ebert’s Video Companion, probably something I picked up at a Library Used Book Sale years ago. Here are the comments on the movies I’ve seen. We start with the entries under A.

Titles in bold letters: Seen by Me; otherwise, not seen or only partly seen

Numbers in parenthesis: Star Ratings by Roger Ebert

Numbers in brackets: My Ratings

About Last Night (4) [2½] – 1986

Given the general state of movies, critics tend to overrate anything halfway decent. David Mamet’s play Sexual Perversity in Chicago is a distillation of attitudes, suitable for the stage centered on dialogue. No wonder then the ‘adaptation’ is more developed(or filled-in) in terms of narrative and personality. But Edward Swick didn’t so much flesh out thinly conceived characters as graft Mametics onto the Romance formula of love-at-first-sight, tenderness, heartache, and reconciliation. Demi Moore and Rob Lowe, then in their physical prime, are lightweight but have a certain appeal.

Absence of Malice (3) – 1981

The Accidental Tourist (4) – 1988

Only caught parts of The Accidental Tourist, one of those ‘intelligent’ and ‘sensitive’ works catering mainly to the female audience. Based on an Anne Tyler novel and directed by boomer forger of ‘respectability’ and ‘meaning’, Lawrence Kasdan.

The Accompanist (3½) [3] – 1994

I vaguely remember watching this upon release.

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