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Paul Gottfried, Antifascism: The Course of a Crusade, Northern Illinois University Press, 2021, 209 pp., $31.26 hardcover, $12.99 Kindle

Every day, American Renaissance posts stories about racial double standards, hypocrisy, and progressives’ absurd positions. Many of our opponents are not just sincere but fanatical. Evidence can’t compete with moral fervor. Those who rule the West, and many of those they rule, truly believe in a creed that is blind. Dr. Paul Gottfried’s Antifascism: The Course of a Crusade explains what this creed is, where it comes from, and the myths we must dismantle.

The foundational myth, the creation story of the postwar West, is the need for all people to join the war against an ever-present “fascist†menace. This myth serves the interests of the ruling class and the moral yearnings of its servants. The myth is false but that doesn’t matter.

Most creation stories are false but necessary. They define good and evil, give direction, and are a way to view the world. Peoples can’t exist without myths. Neither can rulers. Most creation myths tell the tribe where it comes from, usually spawned by a divine ancestor. The West’s antifascist creation myth is different. It’s not about our origins and future, but about our shameful past and why we must be replaced. It’s a death cult.

Even though it is the eternal enemy,

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