The Unz Review:ㅤLiving in South Korea Taught Me Race Realism, by Jim Smith


30-07-22 04:00:00,

This is part of our continuing series of accounts by readers of how they shed the illusions of liberalism and became race realists.

On a Fourth of July back in the mid-1990s, my friends and I gathered with some 300,000 other Bostonians on the banks of the Charles River to listen to the Boston Pops and watch the fireworks. Amid the throngs of people on our walk home was a small group of black teens amusing themselves by firing bottle rockets only slightly over the heads of the crowd. Aside from being illegal, this was obviously quite dangerous. At the time, I thought to myself, “Don’t they understand that they could take out someone’s eye?†Looking back, I suspect that putting others in danger was the whole point of the exercise. A more interesting observation is that neither I nor anyone else said or did anything to intervene. The black kids knew that they would be able to behave in such an anti-social way among so many white people without fear of a scolding, much less enduring a beating from an angry mob of whites. Cowardice might explain why none of us acted individually, but it doesn’t explain our lack of collective action.

In Boston, I lived in affluent neighborhoods, yet had to contend with almost routine petty (and not so petty) crime. When the race of the perpetrators, when possible to identify, was always black. I had a family business in the Financial District,

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