The Unz Review:ㅤAmy Wax Needs Your Help, by Jared Taylor


01-08-22 04:00:00,

I believe Professor Amy Wax of University of Pennsylvania Law School is the bravest, most outspoken dissident academic in America today. She has said countless sensible things about race, immigration, the sexes, and Western Civilization, but what seems most to outrage the Left is that she never backs down.

Every time an academic is made to grovel for saying something obviously true, it’s a defeat for all of us. Penn Law has clearly decided to make an example of a woman it cannot silence. It has initiated a rarely used procedure to revoke tenure and fire her. She is fighting for her career and her reputation, but she is fighting for much more: the right for all of us to speak the truth as we see it.

Amy Wax needs your help. Defending against this attack is now a full-time job, and Prof. Wax must spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees. Penn Law, of course, is full of lawyers eager to take the scalp of a “racist,†and will not stop until it is decisively defeated. Please see below how you can contribute.

The law school has been complaining about Prof. Wax for years, but now Penn Law School Dean Theodore Ruger is making a formal attempt to fire her. In a June 23 letter, he asked the chair of the Faculty Senate to convene a hearing board with the power to dismiss her. The 12-page letter is worth reading carefully.

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