The Unz Review:ㅤZOG May Deprioritize War with Russia to Focus on War with China, by Andrew Anglin


01-08-22 04:15:00,

It was obvious that after 4 years of the peacemonger Donald Trump, a big reason of why the Jews were in such a rush to overthrow him is that they wanted wars. Hillary Clinton had campaigned on war with Russia and others.

When Biden came in, you had these 3 main enemies: Russia, China, and Iran. The weakest of them was clearly Russia. If I were them, I would probably have pulled some kind of tricky business in the Ukraine – I just wouldn’t have done it in a way that unified the Russian population around Putin and then bolstered the Russian economy.

There is enough liberalism and neo-Nazism in Russia that Putin’s rule was far from totally stable before this Ukraine situation. The math behind how the war and the sanctions would affect the public perception of Putin was even easier than the math behind how they would affect the economy. The war could have been used to turn people against Putin.

Anyway, what appears to be happening – right now, in real time – is that the ZOG machine has lost so miserably against Russia that they’re just like, “well, okay – let’s try bullying China then, I guess.â€

There was never any chance of being able to do a color revolution in China. Only retards who know nothing about Orientalism at all would have thought that. You have to have some point of contact for a color revolution,

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