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02-08-22 08:30:00,

“You are not Christians. You are not Jews. You are not Muslims. And you certainly aren’t atheists. You all have the same god, and its name is ‘government.’
You’re all members of the most evil, insane, destructive cult in history.
If there ever was a devil, the state is it. And you worship it with all your heart and soul.

Larken Rose – The Iron Web
The Truth About Government
Accept and understand that all government is evil. Accept and understand that all who allow and support government are supporting evil. There is no such thing as a good government. There is no such thing as a necessary government. There is no such thing as a limited government. There is no such thing as a benevolent government.
There is only government, and government in all its false ‘glory,’ is nothing more than pure, corrupted violence. It is the creator and protector of theft, slavery, murder, genocide, and democide; nothing more and nothing less.
The religion of government should be abolished, so worship not at the altar of this wicked institution.
The celebration of government must end. Asking permission of government to grant favors of ‘freedom’ must end. Petitioning government to indulge some over others must end.

Und an die Kritiker und Regierungs-Religion-Verfechter:

„[…] All those who continue to support the notion that government is necessary,

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