The Unz Review:ㅤNancy the Nuke Gives Speech in Taiwan Parliament, Gets Golden Medal, by Andrew Anglin


03-08-22 04:00:00,

The biggest upside of the Nuclear Nancy Air Invasion is that these retards on Fox News can no longer keep claiming that Joe Brandon and his Democrats are agents of the Chinese communists.

At least we don’t have to hear that gibberish anymore from Tucker Carlson and others. Of course, most of Fox News will switch to supporting the Democrats for starting a war with the Chinese for no reason. Tucker will have to walk back all of that stupid shit about how the Democrats were fighting against Russia to protect China.


US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi held a meeting with the deputy speaker and members of Taiwan’s parliament in Taipei on Wednesday morning, amid fierce protests and promises of “resolute countermeasures†from Beijing.

“We come in friendship to Taiwan, we come in peace to the region,†the third most senior official in the US government told Taiwanese lawmakers, adding that she wants to increase parliamentary exchanges between Washington and Taipei.

Calling Taiwan “one of the freest societies†in the world, Pelosi announced her Congressional delegation had three main purposes and topics to discuss – security, economics and governance.

Following the brief public appearance in front of the cameras, Pelosi and other US delegation members proceeded to hold a closed-door session with the Taiwanese officials, while journalists were told to get out of the room.

Nancy the Nuke was also given a gold metal by her fellow old and crinkled fag-hag.

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