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03-08-22 04:00:00,

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Prof. Gottfried Replies to Our Review of His Latest Book

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Thanks are due to Greg Hood for an outstanding, comprehensive review of my book on antifascism. Mr. Hood wrote an admirably thorough review, which I could not improve on even if I tried. I agree with his implied criticism that I do not fully explain the bizarre relationship between wokeness and corporate capitalism. That troubling connection continues to puzzle me, and I’m not quite sure which is the stronger force in driving it: the fear among the corporate class of irritating BLM, the LGBT lobby, and other woke activists, or the sympathy felt by this class for what I call the “post-Marxist leftist ideology.†Given the firm hold this ideology exercises on the urban and affluent, it seems that both motives may be at work here.

The most compelling aspect for me of Greg’s review is his recognition of the radical nature of my critique of the antifascist scam. I do not view those who scream “fascism†whenever some public figure resists the latest form of thought control to be simply pests or nervous nellies.

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