The Unz Review:ㅤThe Politics of Dysgenic Fertility: Edward Dutton’s SPITEFUL MUTANTS, by F. Roger Devlin


03-08-22 04:20:00,

Dr. Edward Dutton’s latest book, Spiteful Mutants: Evolution, Sexuality, Politics and Religion in the 21st Century, is a collection of 10 essays that use evolutionary theory to explain the decline of the West. Less narrowly focused than most of the author’s books (Sent Before Their Time, Making Sense of Race, Churchill’s Headmaster), I warmly recommend it as an introduction to evolutionary thinking about cultural change, and to understand why Leftists promote mass immigration, the Floyd-Hoax-Black-Lives Matter riots, the mad rush to “transgenderism,†and the normalization of pedophilia.

Before 1800, only about half of children survived to adulthood. Those who did tended to be those with the fewest harmful genetic mutations. Then, within the course of a few generations, childhood mortality fell beneath one percent in most advanced countries. This meant that Darwinian natural selection ceased to operate. Children with harmful mutations began surviving to adulthood and passing on their unfavorable traits to offspring, a phenomenon known as “dysgenic fertility.†Since about 84 percent of the human genome relates to brain development, increased mutational load means that people began to think and behave in maladaptive ways. Compounding the problem, such people influence those around them, who might still be genetically healthy, to behave in similarly maladaptive ways.

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