French volunteer suggests Bucha tragedy was a false flag

French volunteer suggests Bucha tragedy was a false flag

Evidence points that there was no Russian participation in the Bucha incident.

Lucas Leiroz, researcher in Social Sciences at the Rural Federal University of Rio de Janeiro; geopolitical consultant.

Since footage of the Bucha tragedy emerged, Russian officials have repeatedly claimed that Moscow forces had no part in the alleged massacre. Reports by journalists and analysis by experts on several occasions showed that the evidence pointed to the existence of a false flag operation by Kiev. Now, the testimony of a French volunteer once again points to this conclusion. More than that, the witness also reports episodes of massacre and torture against Russian prisoners, showing that Ukrainian fighters have committed war crimes.

Adrien Bocquet, a French volunteer in the Ukrainian conflict, recently made statements denouncing some facts he saw during his work. He traveled to Ukraine twice to help with humanitarian missions, mainly with rescuing the wounded, providing equipment, medicine and other similar actions. In his activities, Bocquet witnessed the inhumane treatment Russian prisoners have been subjected to when captured by Ukrainian soldiers.

“When I talk about murder and torture, I am talking about the murder and torture of the Russian military. Officers were the first to be executed. I heard shouts when the ‘Azov men’ asked who the officer was. As soon as they got the answer, they immediately shot that person in the head […] The worst thing is that I saw no human attitude, no emotions, because I saw people being executed, people being tortured, people being killed, shot in their limbs, heads”, he said.

According to him, Ukrainian neo-Nazi militants publicly express their anti-Russian hate and make it clear that their aim is simply to torture and kill Russian citizens, regardless of any issue. For them, the desire to massacre Russians seems even greater than the desire to “liberate” Ukraine, as Bocquet reports:

“I had to pretend a lot to avoid showing my opinions and emotions and above all not to show disagreement with their opinions. Disagreement with their Nazi ideology, especially when they expressed attitudes toward Jews and people of color, because they made very cruel statements. And first of all, I’m talking about hatred towards Russians, because they […] call you ‘Russian dogs’. And for all these soldiers, for members of the Azov Battalion, the main task, as they have always told me, is to torture and kill ‘Russian dogs’. As a former military man, I was surprised. Because everything showed that their main goal was to torture and kill ‘Russian dogs’ while they never even talked about the liberation of their population”.

However, what is most surprising in the reports of the French volunteer is the fact that his experience reinforces the Russian narrative that the alleged massacre in Bucha was a false flag operation. Having worked in Bucha, Bocquet alleges that during his activities he saw Ukrainian agents pulling bodies out of trucks and laying them on the ground so that the footage taken by journalists looked like a mass massacre. Most likely, bodies were brought from other regions of Ukraine and unloaded in Bucha in order to form a scenario similar to the one of a real massacre. Bocquet also says that the volunteers were forbidden by the agents to take pictures and videos of the places, being threatened with prison in case of non-compliance.

“When we entered Bucha by car, I was in the passenger seat. And as we drove through the city, I saw bodies of people on the sides of the streets, and at the same time I saw people’s bodies being taken out of trucks and laid out next to the bodies lying on the ground to give the effect of mass killings (…) One of the volunteers who was at this place the day before (…) [told me that] he saw refrigerator trucks from other cities of Ukraine coming to Bucha and unloading bodies and laying them out in rows. I realized from this that they were staging mass massacres (…) We were warned that [if we took photos or videos] we would get imprisonment for ten years or more severe consequences. This ban also applied to the locals. This pressure was exerted by the military, primarily by the Azov men. Today, Europe does not understand how great the pressure is on the population of Ukraine”, he states.

In fact, the report of a European volunteer who was physically in Bucha days before the alleged “massacre” is of immense value and credibility. When Russian officials express their views, the Western media claim that it is some kind of “propaganda” or “counter-information”, which tends to be agreed by public opinion, as Moscow is involved in the conflict. However, this is not the case now. Boucquet is a European citizen who served in a humanitarian mission alongside Ukrainian forces, so he has no reason to spread “propaganda” in favor of Moscow.

This testimony is concrete evidence of the only possible conclusion regarding the investigations of Bucha: there was no massacre in the region, but the allocation in the same place of bodies from different areas. What appears to have happened was a false flag operation to move global public opinion against Russia – and if Western investigators analyze the case honestly and impartially, they will come to the same conclusion.

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