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05-08-22 05:57:00,

English version of our publication „Die Neue Weltordnung kommt aus dem Osten – Nicht aus dem Westen

The idea that a group of Western, internationally operating bankers and corporate elites in cooperation with the politicos of the leading nations is responsible for the rise of those corrupt and totalitarian powers in recent history with which Western Europe and the USA have been in wars and conflicts for years and decades is absurd and unimaginable for many people.

Likewise, most of the conflicts, wars, and revolutions of recent history were purposefully used and steered by these internationalists/globalists/elites (IGE) to achieve an already determined final goal, a New World Order (NWO), dismissed by many establishment forces as a conspiracy but still as real as you and me.

Historical facts prove that this involvement of IGEs is a continuity in recent history, as you will soon see.

In their work’ Hidden History’, Scottish historians Jim McGregor and Gerry Docherty demonstrate how a group of influential figures from the British Empire and the United States laid the groundwork for the creation of the First World War. The close ties and cooperation between the elites of the Entente and Central Powers are comprehensively covered in their subsequent work, ‘The War That Wouldn’t End’, and are a proven reality.

Historians such as Anthony C. Sutton, Guido Preparata,

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