The Unz Review:ㅤIndependent Scholar Kirkegaard Cancelled: Another Step Into the New Dark Age, by Edward Dutton


05-08-22 04:10:00,

What do Cultural Marxists do once they’ve driven brave truth-focused researchers who dare to discuss “race,†such as Noah Carl [Cambridge college sacks researcher over links with far right, By Richard Adams, The Guardian, May 1, 2019] or Michael Woodley, out of the universities and forced them to be “independent scholars� What’s the next step in the drive to suppress empirically accurate research that makes them feel bad? Answer: prevent these scholars from attending any academic conferences in their field—above all if you can intimidate a black putative ally to turn on them. readers know Emil Kirkegaard, the Danish independent scholar who writes about intelligence. He and I recently collaborated on a study about testicle size and testosterone levels relative to race, so he is obviously unafraid to follow the science where it leads. But his courage did not serve him well in late July when he was scheduled to speak at the annual conference of the International Society for Intelligence Research in Vienna, Austria. Kirkegaard has presented at ISIR many times, but that was before the Woke Reformation tightened its hold on science. The keynote speaker, Abdel Abdellaoui [Tweet him] a genetics researcher at the University of Amsterdam, threatened to boycott the conference if Kirkegaard spoke.

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